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Kodi Install fully loaded

1 usd

The Ultimate Kodi installation on any android Device. With this one click install you will get a fully loaded Kodi Device Tablet Pc Mobile Phone Tv Box with a custom skin designed to work with portable devices.This app does not require any admin privileges it just click and go…
With a one button install that’s it wait for the download and your ready to go. You must have the kodi app already installed on your device this app will overwrite any other Kodi configuration you may have.
This install would take days to set up and install so get it here all in one install.
• Watch Films Movies Tv Shows• Watch Live Tv including Sports and Many More• Request Add-ons of your choice• No ads just click and go• Free support Via Fabzar
We have created The best Kodi Install for any android device with constant updates and support . You will never have to install another app again this does it all.
***Please note downloads can take up to 30 minutes this is dependent on your internet provider your device speed and how many users are online at once. We recommend you only download with a WIFI connection due to file size. You will only need to install once***
This app is not Kodi. It is a setup wizard for Kodi Fabzar is NOT in anyway affiliated to Kodi/xbmc team.